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We are Code for Trenton

We are a group of Trenton residents and students passionate about bettering our community by developing multimedia projects and encouraging a new generation of Trenton residents to get engaged in technology and design.

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About Us

Code for Trenton is part of the network of civic hackers linked to Code for America. We believe that by combining technology and motivated citizens, there is a great opportunity for government and cities overall to become dynamic, highly-effective environments for the future.

By building open source technology and design solutions created for the people and by the people, we have the power to make Trenton and the entire region ever-more connected, safe, informed, and thriving. We are focused not only on empowering the city's tech savvy residents but teaching the technologists of tomorrow.

Whether you are still in grade school, college, or someone of any age eager to start making a difference with tech, we have something for you. Join us in making Trenton an even better place.

Current Projects

Menus of Trenton

A digital compilation of all the city's menus, restaurants, and food bloggers for easy access and increased traffic.

Square 2

Square Two is a free online and mobile resource for formerly incarcerated residents of Mercer County, providing searchable, up-to-date information about available resources in the areas of employment, education, housing, identification, health, and family.

STEM Video Game Challenge

Do you think it would be awesome to make games? Our team will be mentoring Trenton students through a series of workshops to help them enter the 2016 STEM Video Game Challenge! More details soon.

Trenton Makers Day Festival

Briging together hundreds of awesome students and residents, our joint project with dozes of local companies and organizations and the city helps expand education about the maker movement and promotes creative thinking and problem solving. 2016 was a fantastic start to something great - check out the video and looking forward to more and bigger events in the future!

Solve City

An app developed by TCNJ students and continued by Code For Trenton, its purpose is to empower Trenton citizens to report and map infrastructure problems in the city from their phones.

TCHS Community Reporting Tool

A simple web-based resource for community members to share their questions, complaints, and concerns about the TCHS construction site. Let your voice be heard - all in one place.

More Projects Added Soon!

We're doing a lot for our city and community. It would be great to hear from you about projects you'd like us to take on, how we can help in better & more impactful ways, and to get your personal involvement!

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